Will the Demons Rise from the Mire?

A few questions / observations.  Please feel free to provide answers / comments.

Let me preempt this that I can handle being an ordinary side for a few years as long as we put in an effort.  And as long as I have some hope and get to watch some promising youngsters such as Jones & Buckley.

1st Question directed to Mr. Dean Bailey:

What is the difference in our game plan compared to last year?


Absolutely Nothing!!!!

*         We still handball forward to a bloke who is on the boundary side under pressure

*         We still handball to blokes who can’t kick

*         We refuse to kick the ball the anyone leading up from CHF

*         We still handball too often all over the ground

*         Our skills by hand and by foot are as bad if not worse than last year

The only difference I can see is that we are looking for different options other than Neita when we are 60-70 metres out and kick to the top of the goal square more often.

2nd Question directed to Mr. Dean Bailey:

Why do we continue to play our number 1 midfielder down back?


Cameron Bruce is an onballer who needs to play on the NUT!!!  Don’t waste him down back.  Lets try to play attacking footy!!!!!!

3rd Question Directed to the MFC players:

Does anyone have a heart?

4th Question directed to the MFC players:

Does anyone know how to man up?

No comments required for either of the above questions?

General Questions:

1.      Why did we hang onto Robbo?  (is good when we are and is bad when we are.  Individual)

2.      Why did we hang onto Yze, Miller, Holland, Carroll?

3.      Why did we hang onto half the list?

4.      Why did we get rid of the reverend?

5.      Why even try to play Davey on the nut?  He is a small forward who is TOO SOFT to play on the footy.  Let him weave his magic like at the start of his career.

6.      When will Sylvia & McLean start becoming our 2 best players????

Closing comments:

As you all know Junior has and always will be my favourite player.  I was disgusted with the efforts put in on the weekend for this bloke.

I sent back my MFC membership in the mail with question # 1 attached.  I only buy the standard membership due to being an MCC member and living in Sydney so it is more of a statement than anything.  They still got my money!!!  (I have asked for a full refund unless they can explain the difference in game plan)

However I will continue to watch and support MFC but I am becoming an angry old man.  I may be up for many TV replacements during the year and my 3 year son is learning some pretty harsh words.

“Disgruntled Demon”

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