Demetriou – The rule is NOT WORKING!!!

Kevin Sheedy, Shane Crawford & Nathan Buckley have all come out in the Herald Sun and agreed that the push in the back rule is an abysmal failure and it needs to be revoked ASAP. The issue is, as I eluded to in my previous letter, the AFL are to stubborn and obnoxious and simply refuse to admit THEY GOT IT WRONG!!!

Andrew Demetriou and Kevin Bartlett – Get over yourselves and admit you got it wrong! If you love our game you will put aside your own personal pride for the greater good of the game! You just know Demetriou is sitting back rubbing their hands thinking “attendances are up, profits are up, What problem? The fact of the matter is that the AFL is now a corporation and are only interested in growing revenue instead of preserving our age old game…

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